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Holly Freuler's WINNING Insurance Appeal Memo

As I mentioned in my book, I’m posting Holly’s full appeal below so people can read and learn from it. It’s long. It’s extensively researched. It’s natural to wonder whether you could ever pull off something similar. But keep in mind that this document is the work of a master, The Insurance Warrior, herself!


Don’t be afraid. Examine the document and analyze it for yourself. You’ll see the way Holly made her case (with The Insurance Warrior’s guidance). The argument is so clear and well-documented that the only rational decision was for the insurer to approve the care Holly needed.


Your appeal memo will almost certainly not be this good. And that’s OK. Use this memo to give you an idea of the type of evidence that should be included in your own appeal. Structure yours in a similar way, so your argument is well-supported.


This may feel intimidating when you read check it out, but you can do it!

Adam Berkowitz Insurance Appeal Memo

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