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Facts Are Facts

US Avg Health Insurance Premium
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Rising health care costs

have created a divide between employers and employees. 

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Most employees don't understand their health

benefits, driving up costs for the workforce and employers.

Educating employees helps

them make savvy decisions about their medical care, reducing their cost and the spending of the plan.

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The majority of employees believe that employers don't act as a resource for health benefits-related questions. Too often, employers don't equip their employees to be better consumers.

AHA Intro

Only 19% of employers believe their employees understand their health insurance benefits



With our health literacy curriculum, you can empower and inspire your team with on-demand videos, tip sheets, a smartphone app and other resources. These tools are assets that equip individual consumers to save money on health care. The collective savings for the health plan multiplies as more employees save money for themselves.

Empower your employees today.

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Consumer Empowerment Curriculum

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Never Pay Health Care Video Series

Award-winning investigative journalist/author Marshall Allen reveals the expensive pitfalls consumers face when dealing with the health care industry, and how to avoid them. His videos feature actionable steps consumers can take to get a better deal on health care. 

Are you a NABIP or SHRM member? If yes...

...we've partnered with both NABIP and SHRM to provide an exclusive opportunity to get CPC credit through this Never Pay Pathway curriculum. 

Why Invest

Why Invest in this Curriculum

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Equip + Empower

Empower employees with practical tools and an understanding of the pitfalls that needlessly cost them money. The how-to tips equip them to push back against the exploitative aspects of the health care system, potentially savings them hundreds or thousands of dollars, without compromising care.

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Lowers Premiums

When employees implement these tried-and-true practices they will lower overall claim costs for the organization. This will reduce future health care premiums for the empoyer and all employees.

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Lowers Self-Funded Budget 

Create an internal culture of support that enables employees to save money individually, which translates to saving money for the health plan. Reducing health care costs is possible, and is good for the organization. 


As an independent journalist, I adhere to a strict code of ethics. My curriculum is not intended for, or for sale to, the entities I may cover, such as health care providers or insurance companies. If you are a representative of one of these organizations and interested in my book, please reach out to my publisher directly or purchase through a third party retailer such as Amazon.


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