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Book a Session for your employees

My employee education sessions will provide practical tactics from my book, Never Pay The First Bill.


Each tip could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your employees and your health plan.


What Health Benefits Advisors Are Saying

“To steal Churchill’s idiom, health care is a riddle,

wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma for the vast majority of us.

Marshall hasn’t just identified the major problems we all face in health care, he’s simplified the solutions, and explains them in a way

we can all understand.

This book empowers employers and employees to stand up

to predatory and unfair practices within our health care system,

and it gives us tools and resources needed to fight back, and win!


Never Pay the First Bill is becoming a battle cry for those of us

working every day to solve health care’s greatest challenges.”

Josh Butler, President— Butler Benefits & Consulting, TX


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